The swimwear for ‘Desafío’ is designed by Oleaje Swimwear

Behind the Scenes: Desafío Swimwear Designed by Oleaje Swimwear

Welcome to our Oleaje Swimwear blog, where today we want to talk to you about our collaboration with the Desafío program on the Caracol channel in Colombia. For the past 5 seasons, we’ve had the honor of being responsible for designing and manufacturing the swimwear for the participants of this successful reality show.

The swimwear for 'Desafío' is designed by Oleaje SwimwearEach season, we’ve designed swimwear that meets the participants’ needs during water challenges, in addition to being comfortable and making the women on each team look beautiful. We understand that performance and comfort are key for them, so we pay special attention to fabric selection and the construction of the bikinis they wear during the water challenges.

Furthermore, we recognize that each woman is unique and has specific needs in terms of her figure and style preferences. That’s why we strive to create swimwear that adapts to all body shapes and allows the participants to feel comfortable and confident at every moment.

We are very proud of our collaboration with the Desafío television program and being part of a show that promotes adventure, teamwork, and personal growth.

The swimwear for 'Desafío' is designed by Oleaje SwimwearIt is an honor for us to contribute to the participants’ experience in each challenge, and to see how our designs have become an iconic element of the show.

At Oleaje Swimwear, we feel grateful and honored to have collaborated with the Desafío program since 2018. We want to express our gratitude to the program’s producers for placing their trust in us and allowing us to be part of this beautiful adventure, which, for our team, is also a “Challenge.”

Versions in which we have created swimwear for Desafío:

  • Desafío Superhumanos (2018): It was our first year designing and making bikinis for this season, which was the fifteenth version of the reality show.

  • Desafío Super Regiones (2019)

  • Desafío The Box in its first edition (2021)

  • Desafío The Box II (2022)

  • Desafío The Box III (2023): This is the most recent edition of this wonderful program.

The swimwear for 'Desafío' is designed by Oleaje SwimwearIf you would like to learn more about our brand and our collaboration with Desafío, we invite you to visit our website at and our social media platforms: